How does this happen? How much for iPhone battery replacement? Let us help you answer these questions:

Charging habits! Don’t get nervous when your battery percentage goes below 50%. You can still do a lot with your iPhone even if it’s at 50%, relax! Imagine your iPhone as a human body, if you keep feeding it food (electricity in this case for batteries), you’ll get a bloated stomach (battery swelling/inflation).

Not using an original charger would be another. Always remember to use an original and certified Apple charger! 3rd party chargers are a BIG NO.

Overcharging is the 3rd cause. We understand that it sucks to go out without an iPhone/iPad/MacBook that’s not fully charged for the next day, but please take good care of your Apple Devices like it’s your own body. One way to prevent overcharging is to carry a power-bank or portable battery charger with you. Also, don’t forget to unplug your device once it reaches 95%! Another way to prevent overcharging is to use a smart charger. There are several “smart chargers” in the market that will stop charging your device when it detects that your device’s battery is full. KEEP IN MIND, charging overnight is a bad idea. Most devices take less than 4 hours to get fully juiced, so imagine if you actually left your device to be charged overnight for more than 4 hours… (unless you usually get less than 4 hours of sleep lol).

What you should do?

Simply take your iPhone/iPad/MacBook to iPhone Repair Subang Jaya SS15 for an iPhone battery replacement if you discovered that your battery has inflated or is swollen! Same for your iPad and MacBook. Note: Until your swollen battery is replaced, you shouldn’t connect your device to power or use it. Swollen batteries can explode if not properly dealt with! Depending on a number of factors (age of the device, your available budget, etc,) it may be practical to have the battery replaced.


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