iPhone touch screen not responding?

The problem usually lies within the digitizer of your Apple device. The digitizer is also known as the device’s touch screen sensor. So, to find out what went wrong with your iPhone or iPad’s touch screen, there are 2 possibilities:

  1. Hardware problem
  2. Software problem

Here are a few tips to to find out what’s the problem with your touch screen:

TIP 1: Clean the screen

Take some alcohol swipe or a cloth and put some cleaning solutions onto it, then attempt to clean your device’s screen to see if it resolves your touch screen issues. Take note: your iPhone/iPad should be switched off while doing this.

Another tip would be trying a toothpick to clean the minor gap between the iPhone’s body and the glass screen. To avoid any deterioration to the screen, you can take a tissue paper and fold it multiple times to make it soft enough to avoid tearing while attaching it to the toothpick tip. Now, dip the tissue toothpick in the solution and start cleaning that gap.

TIP 2: Hard Reset (Software)

Click here to find out how to do a hard reset!

TIP 3: Reset all settings (Software)

Open Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. You will be asked to enter your pass code and then you need to confirm your action again. For this, tap on Reset All Settings again.

TIP 4: Repairing your iPhone (Hardware)

Dropped your device recently? Then it’s probably because you may have damaged the screen when you dropped it.

A drop can hurt the layers below your iPhone or iPad’s screen. What you see from the outside and the glass or screen you put your hands on is just the outer layer or visible layer of an Apple device’s touch screen. Inside this layer of iPhone glass or iPad screen, there’s an LCD screen that is programmed to display the images you see on your device. There’s also a part called the digitizer. The digitizer is the part of your Apple device that senses your touch.

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