Dropped your iPhone in your toilet bowl while being on the phone with someone? Did your child accidentally dropped your iPad into a swimming pool? Here’s a few emergency steps to dry out your water damage iPad/iPhone!

STEP 1: External Drying

First things first, DO NOT charge your iPhone/iPad (if you have already, unplug it carefully). Secondly, DO NOT turn on your iPhone, as this can cause short circuits. The best option is to bring your device to our store immediately after this step!

Get your phone case out of the phone & SIM card out too. Wipe everything you can reach, turn the iPhone upside down and give it a gentle shake to clear the ports & sockets.

STEP 2: Dry Out Your iPhone with Uncooked Rice/Silica Gel

  1. Have your iPhone/iPad switched off.
  2. Get a plastic bag/ zip lock & fill it with uncooked rice/silica gel.
  3. Put your iPhone/iPad inside the plastic bag/zip lock, making sure everything covers the iPhone/iPad.

Bear in mind: Uncooked rice may get dust or even entire grains into the ports. Therefore, Silica Gel is a better option.

STEP 3: Eject water from an iPhone/iPad speaker

Firstly, download a free app in the app store called “Sonic” created by Von Bruno.  Although you may not be able to hear it, Sonic can play back any sine wave tone from 0hz to 25,000Hz. Secondly assuming you’ve downloaded the app, adjust the frequency to anything between 160-170Hz, then tap play.

If none of the steps above worked, bring your water damage Apple device to our repair centre and get your water damage iPhone fixed with us! We will be able to get your water damage iPhone fixed with the power of a magic water, so give us a call or shoot us a text via WhatsApp or SMS at 016-643-5205 to book a repair appointment with us!


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