iPad Repair Services

The IPAD repair specialists since 2011. we provide ipad screen repair services and many more.

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iPad LCD Screen Replacement

We provide original grade and HQ copy original grade LCD screens for all iPad models. Never compromise on quality to ensure longevity. Send to us for an iPad screen repair service.

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iPad Battery Replacement

We provide battery replacements for all iPad models. If your battery is draining fast, bloated or behaving abnormally, look for us to replace the battery!

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iPad Motherboard Repair

Since 2011, we have successfully operated on many iPad motherboard related issues such as iPad Air and Mini shorting problems.

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iPad Charging Problems

The iPad Air and Pro models are known to have charging port problems and sometimes charging IC issue which is related to the motherboard. Get it checked!

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iPad Touchscreen Replacement

Sudden unresponsiveness on the iPad Pro screen is a common issue. Throughout the years we have solved many unable to touch and slide problems with iPads.

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iPad Audio Issues

Not hearing any sounds while playing videos on YouTube or Netflix? Unable to listen to your favourite songs on Spotify? Let us fix your iPad audio issues for you.

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iPad Water Damage Repair

If you spilled water on your iPad, don’t worry and send it to us for chemical cleaning services. Our team of iPad experts will save your iPad and its data in no time!

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Other iPad Issues

Do not see any of the problems listed on this page? Don’t worry, send us an enquiry below and a representative will be in touch with you shortly! Book a repair: Damansara/Subang/Shah Alam.


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