MacBook Repair Services

The imac and MacBook repair specialists since 2011. based in damansara, subang jaya, and shah alam.

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MacBook LCD Screen Replacement

We provide original grade and OEM grade LCD screens for all MacBook models. Best quality you can find in the market for long-lasting use! Get your LCD screen repaired with us today.

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MacBook Battery Replacement

Up to 6 months warranty! We provide battery replacements for all MacBook models. If your battery is draining fast, bloated or behaving abnormally, look for us! Original grade battery available.

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MacBook Motherboard Repair

MacBook unable to turn on or auto shutdown but itself? Check with our MacBook specialist today to fix the logic board!

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MacBook Speaker Replacement

Unable to hear any sounds from your MacBook’s speaker? We are able to replace the faulty speaker within 3 hours time!

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MacBook Audio Jack Repair

Still prefer using wired earphones to listen to music on your MacBook but your audio jack is faulty? Don’t worry, send your MacBook to repair in Damansara, Subang Jaya or Shah Alam.

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MacBook WiFi Card Replacement

If your MacBook is unable to detect or connect to any WiFi networks, there is a problem with the WiFi card. Solve your MacBook WiFi issues by getting the WiFi card replaced with us.

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MacBook General Servicing

MacBooks have to be serviced once a year. This is to improve its performance & to prevent overheating issues. Ever wondered why your MacBook is getting slow? It is due to accumulated debris, dust and dirt! A major cleanup is needed. We provide full clean up & thermal paste addition!

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MacBook Keypad/Trackpad Replacement

Keyboard or mousepad not responding? We offer these replacement services for all MacBook models! Clicker not working? We can fix it too. Book a repair with a Mac Specialist today!


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